[Icecast-dev] Stream pushing ?

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Tue May 25 02:37:44 PDT 2010

Hi Stephan,

Le 25/05/2010 10:32, Stepan Broz a écrit :
> > Hi Guillaume,
> >
> > Last time I've tried, Icecast can only "pull" a stream from other
> > Icecasts. And Karl's branch (I'm not sure about the trunk codeline as of
> > today) can pull on demand, so only if you have connected listeners the
> > stream is pulled from the source server, thus saving bandwidth (but who
> > needs to save badwidth nowadays, huh? ;-).
> >

> > The functionality is called relaying, and it's configured using <relay>
> > tags in the config XML. On-demand relaying can be turned on or off using
> > <on-demand>1 (or 0)</on-demand> in the <relay> section.
> >
> > It's very long since I've been using Icecast on daily basis, so please
> > feel free to correct me.
Yes, I also use the relaying feature to pull some *known* streams from fixed IP
servers. But in some more mobile contexts, this has 2 main drawbacks :

- each wanted mount point has to be added to the relaying server conf file. This
can be exhaustive when many mount points are needed and often changed,

- the relayed server has to be seen by the main server, that is, identified the
DNS behind any firewall routers on the network chain. This is a very common
case in my experience that implies DCHP managing, DNS rules and so on...


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