[Icecast-dev] Stream pushing ?

Stepan Broz peacef at wo.cz
Tue May 25 01:32:37 PDT 2010

Hi Guillaume,

Last time I've tried, Icecast can only "pull" a stream from other 
Icecasts. And Karl's branch (I'm not sure about the trunk codeline as of 
today) can pull on demand, so only if you have connected listeners the 
stream is pulled from the source server, thus saving bandwidth (but who 
needs to save badwidth nowadays, huh? ;-).

The functionality is called relaying, and it's configured using <relay> 
tags in the config XML. On-demand relaying can be turned on or off using 
<on-demand>1 (or 0)</on-demand> in the <relay> section.

It's very long since I've been using Icecast on daily basis, so please 
feel free to correct me.



Dne 25.5.2010 10:24, Guillaume Pellerin napsal(a):
> Hi !
> Is there any way to have stream pushing from an icecast server to another ?
> Of course, it can be easily done with a third party app but could be useful if
> embedded in the server part...
> Thx,
> Guillaume
> (sorry for the first wrong thread)
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