[Icecast-dev] Question about buffering with icecast protocol

Damián Lezama dlezama at interactiveni.com
Mon Jan 14 08:31:13 PST 2008

OK, Thanks a lot Karl, Elf, Geoff. It's clear to me now. Shoutcast gives you
a much larger burst than icecast (by default) and that's the difference I
was seeing.

By the way: do you know sources for lists of stations? I see a "stream
directory" at icecast.org, but I don't know if it's available to download (I
think using a program to dig the info from the web is not ethical, as least
without permission). Shoutcast has a nice directory but explicitly forbids
using that information.

I want to have a good station list in my program and I don't know how to get
it legally :(


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