[Icecast-dev] Xiph and Google Summer of Code 2007

Georg Holzmann georg.holzmann at student.kug.ac.at
Fri Mar 9 03:08:16 PST 2007


> This year, as last year, Xiph's planning on applying to be part of
> Google's Summer of Code program.
> Please take a look and suggest any changes you think would be helpful.
> For those of you interested in participating as students, this is a
> good time to start thinking about more details, and looking at the
> suggestions page.

I didn't find the suggestions page, but I have a suggestion ;) :

ogg rtsp streaming for helix streaming server (or vlc, or whatever)

We already discussed about it on the Xiph-dev from the helix team: the 
already existing oggfformat plugin would have to be modified, and Aaron 
Colwell wrote me the following:

I'll try to sit down in the next day or to and figure out a list of things
that you'll need to do to make this work in the server. In the mean time you
should take a look at the following IETF drafts related to Vorbis & Theora.


You should also spend some quality time with the ogg file format plugin.
Handling ogg files is quite tricky and you'll need to be familiar with 
all the
little gotchas that this code deals with.

Would be really nice and I would be also interested in that project (as 
a student) !


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