[Icecast-dev] Dead-air detection

David Baelde david.baelde at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 05:34:17 PST 2007

Hi Peter,

Although you might rule it out as a non-portable solution, liquidsoap
has blank detection, and it's used as you describe at RadioPi.
Supposing the studio stream is relayed by the source studio and your
backup/automatic stream is auto, the following script is the simple
implementation of what you're looking for:
  output.icecast(mount="bla", password="foo",
Usually I'd add track_sensitive=false to the fallback so that it
switches back to studio as soon as it's available, not waiting for the
end of auto's track. You can tweak the noise level that strip_blank
considers as blank. Strip_blank will restore the studio stream as soon
as there is enough noise on it -- more complex behaviour on demand.

Hope it can help.

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