[Icecast-dev] Dead-air detection

Peter Brooks peter at theneb.co.uk
Tue Feb 13 05:18:30 PST 2007

I'm starting on a bit of a long term project (for myself) to implement dead
air detection with an icecast stream.
Basically at the location where we have icecast implemented it's a radio
studio and it'll be good if we have the system automatically detect if the
dj output is dead.

To which I am firstly posting on here to find out if anyone's already
implemented such a system and for me to save time.

So implementation? I'd plan to detect the dead air on the stream itself, I
considered listening to the audio stream directly off the sound card,
however this leads to a less portable solution and would be of less use to
other people.

So pretty much I intend to listen to the icecast stream and take samples
every 15 seconds, compare for dead air and if necessary start a 30 second
timer checking if dead air still exists.
If it does exist then redirect all existing users to the substain stream
(setup on mpd already) and then use a relay to redirect new users.

I also intend to use pygtk to write an application for the studio pc to warn
deejays that dead air has been detected and let them be able to tell the
system not to switch over.

Anyway what I'd like to know from the icecast dev's is if there are existing
functions/libraies within icecast that support mainly audio sampling within
15 seconds. I'd prefer to start off using the functions already availiable
and build upon them.

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