[Icecast-dev] mp3 stream instead of "icecast-auth-user: 0"

Klauss Fumuldavijus dnr at freemail.lt
Wed Sep 20 02:44:54 PDT 2006

>> <?php
>> header('Content-Type: audio/mpeg'); 
>> readfile('error.mp3');
>> ?>
>> i've tried to send back the file in icecast-auth-message, but it was a 
>> stupid idea....
> A mechanism to pass back a filename is certainly possible, I doubt that 
> you want the auth server to send the file contents. Report it on 
> bugs.xiph.org

actually i do, unless there are other ways to communicate with 
authentication server and mp3 palyer on the listener side. If we are talking 
about wmplayer or winamp - none of them displays icecast-auth-message if 
icecast-auth-user: 0. In this case sending back an mp3 file contents is the 
only way to respond with some details instead of login-screen prompt.
So, can you please give some more details on file-passing-back mechanism?

and some specification about that "bug" - i mentioned i've tried to send 
back file content's in auth-message, but forgot to mention icecast server 
dropped mp3 content, so currently there is nothing to report on 
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