[Icecast-dev] listener redirection to informational mount

Klauss Fumuldavijus dnr at freemail.lt
Sun Sep 17 23:04:08 PDT 2006

i'm wondering what are the possible ways to redirect unauthenticated users 
(url authentication) to unprotected mount? Basicaly this could be very 
useful to inform listener with some authentication instructions or let him 
know about listeners count limitation on the mount. Similar solution can be 
seen at , 
but it should work before starting the stream.

On the other hand it won't be very comfortable solution as unprotected mount 
won't support on-demand streaming, so maybe it is possible to send back some 
mp3 file in response header?

Both solutions are complicated enough because icecast server needs to act 
like some kind of "router" between 3rd party authentication server and the 
listener (session is established between icecast server and listener and not 
between authentication server and listened).

thank you for suggestions... 

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