[Icecast-dev] Additional "icy-burst-size" header ?

Jelle Kok jmkok at youcom.nl
Mon Oct 9 08:16:27 PDT 2006


I have a request for an additional header.
This header is needed to inform the client of the burst it is going to 
Why ? This header could be very usefull for the streaming-client to have 
an idea of it's delay, and (much more important) to be able to do 
early-on streaming.

The question is not on how to implement this in code (probably send the 
header in the "format_prepare_headers" routine).
The question is how this header should be formatted ?
Should it be (most likely) something like:
"icy-burst-size:262144" (for a burst buffer of 256kB)
or something like:
"icy-burst:20000" (for a burst of 20 seconds) - This looks somewhat like 
Microsoft-WMA servers notifies it's clients for bursts.

If you do not wish to implement this feature, could you be so kind to 
define the semantics for this header (to prevent any problems in the 
future) ?

Jelle Martijn Kok

You/Com Audiocommunicatie b.v.
Motorenweg 5k 
2623CR Delft
The Netherlands
tel. : (+31)15 262 59 55
fax. : (+31)15 257 15 95
mail : jmkok at youcom.nl
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