[Icecast-dev] feature: named mounts only, global listener limit

Ingo Felger Ingo.Felger at gmx.net
Sat Nov 11 16:42:41 PST 2006

Hi all,

I have two small features to offer which I wanted to see in icecast, 
already implemented. Feel free to use (& review!) them. If you think 
they are useful, I'd be happy to see them or any derivative in the next 

1. named mounts
A new config option (<named-mounts-only> 1/0, default 0==false) in the 
limits section allows, if set, only named, i.e. configured 
mounts/sources to connect. Sample: The config names mounts /stream and 
/test, then every source connect like e.g. /live will be rejected. The 
logic is implemented in connection.c
This helps with lazy moderators and source-side configuration issues a 
la: why doesn't anyone hear me, I do not get any error ... (or errors 
like /life vs /live .. difficult for non-english speakers)

2. global listener limit
A config option <listeners> (default -1 i.e. unlimited) in the limits 
section limits the number of overall listeners that may connect to the 
server. This is an addition to the mount-specific limit already present. 
Reason for this are mainly radio license issues, limiting the total 
number of people listening over all streams (like /stream128, /stream64 
and so on).
In addion, there is another new config option <global-limit> 1/0, 
default 1==true in the <mount> section. This defines whether the 
specific mount contributes to the global limit. This can be used to 
exclude internal, technical mounts from the license-imposed external 
listener limit.
The listener count logic is implemented in source.c, the possible 
listener rejection in auth.c
The new global listener count also is reported in the stats xml.

The patch is against Icecast2 2.3.1

If there are no obvious errors in the implementation (it works at least 
for me :-)), can someone please provide a windows build for it? I do not 
have a working build environment there.

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