[Icecast-dev] http HEAD method

David Baelde david.baelde at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 00:05:22 PST 2006


That would indeed be nice, I join this request.

If it's of any use, here's how I'd use it. My radio supports live
shows in the following way. Live shows are broadcasted to icecast on
the "live.ogg" mount using darkice. Liquidsoap (the source client) is
asked to check for this HTTP stream periodically, and switch to it as
soon as it's available. The problem is that it generates a lot of GET
requests (like one every 5 seconds) which messes a lot icecast logs.
HEAD requests would at least be different in the logs.

By the way, any idea on how to improve on that scheme ? A possibility
is to embed an mini-icecast server in the source client accepting
other source clients, but there's no libicecast to make it easy...
Another possibility is to use RTP instead of icy protocol, but since
we're not totally stable/happy with our current RTP lib (libortp),
that leads me to another question: anybody knows of a good RTP lib ?


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