[Icecast-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Unofficial icecast-kh and libtheora Debian Sarge packages

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Sun Jul 9 17:16:57 PDT 2006

Hi, I hope this is useful for some of you:

I'm just finished building unofficial debian packages for icecast2 and
libtheora for Sarge (stable).

The idea behind this is to keep all the servers which take part on the
GISS stream-ring in sync, running the same version of icecast2 kh
branch, thus having a common ground for testing and debugging, and stay
always on the cutting-edge of development.

FYI Karl's icecast branch (kh) has improvements and fixes which are not
very quickly merged back into the main trunk, so they arrive in quite
big periods of time to the upstream releases. You might want to have a
look at his changelog to understand what I mean. It can be found here:

The use of these packages and the reporting of the found bugs,
submission of patches/fixes, or any other useful feedback to icecast
developers, will hopefully speed up its development and release process.

  To install them follow these steps:
  - add my repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
          deb http://xicnet.com/debian/ sarge main

  - For Debian Sarge just do:

          apt-get install icecast2 libtheora0

  - For Debian Testing there seems to be an issue where it tries to
    the older icecast2 package which conflicts with libtheora alpha6, so
    might get "broken dependencies".
    So to workaround this just do:

        apt-get install icecast2=2.3-kh6-1 libtheora0=0.0.0.alpha7-1

BUT be aware that you should replace the values after the "=" sign to
match the latest icecast version available. We hope to fix this soon if
Another solution to overcome this problem should be to play with apt
pinning, something about I don't know enough yet. Please, check that
yourself or stick to Sarge (stable) if you are running 24x7 online
If you have any useful info on how to solve this issue, I'll be happy to
include it on this page.
Coming next (on the way) are: libshout, oggfwd, ffmpeg2theora and
probably others as part of a package I'll call streamkit or alike.
The aim of packaging these tools is to provide an easier way to install
and start running a video stream from any Debian box.

Please, use http://rama.xicnet.com as a reference website for this
topic. Information updates might be appearing there.

For whatever related with these packages don't hesitate to contact me
at: rama (_at_) r23.cc


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