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Daniel Holth dholth at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 25 11:38:55 PST 2006

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Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

> Hi,
> I discovered shout-python. I use it to straem theora to an icecast
> server. But works quite right except some times, it hangs, with no
> reasons. I built it against libshout 2.2 The server i an IceCast
> 2.3.1
> I have some notes:
> The stream type, in the example could be vorbis | mp3. Wouldn't it
> be the time to change it to ogg | mp3? As well as theora can be in
> a ogg.
> Is there any known issues streaming ogg/theora to an icecast
> server?
> Thank you. Unfortunately, I am not a C/Python developper yet, and
> can neither fix the bugs my self (If there are) nor ehance the
> software. The best I can do is to test and report some bugs if
> there are.

When I wrote shoutpy (a boost.python alternative to shout-python) I
had to hack libshout so that it could time both ogg/theora and
ogg/vorbis, the combined stream being recognized as something like
ogg/vorbis+theora. Otherwise, libshout would not be able to stream
data at the same speed at which it is being played back. I have a
vague recollection of hanging libshout myself.

Notice the libshout delay() function. It probably picks up a large
number and sleeps for much longer than you expect.

So my advice is that you make sure your libshout can recognize and
provide timing information for all the codecs enclosed in your ogg
stream. Or, do the timing yourself (liboggz may be able to help) and
use the non-timed send - data function.

Sorry, but I cannot provide a working hacked libshout. I think someone
else has done the necessary work in the two years since I tried though.

- - Daniel Holth
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