[Icecast-dev] XML Stats heavy problem

Christian Mueller christian at hbr1.com
Sat Aug 26 16:47:11 PDT 2006

> Christian Mueller wrote:
>> Hello Icecast developers,
>> we are using icecast for a long time now. But we allways must notice,
>> when
>> some not standard metadata arrives the system, icecast's xml data can't
>> be
>> successfully parsed with any standard perl xml parsers.
>> I think it happens because of not unicode conform settings. Would be
>> nice
>> if you could take a look on it.
> icecast has to know what the charset is when the metadata is received,
> which for ogg is ok as it's UTF8 in the spec but in the case of MP3 it's
> unknown. We assume it's unicode which will be a problem if it is
> actually something else.

But why on the shoutcast server this never appears? We are using Winamp
and the Spacial Audio DSP Plugins as encoder. I don't know, but i think,
it doesnt use unicode while transfer the metadata.

> In my branch work I do have a mount option <charset> which allows for
> nominating a metadata charset (instead of unicode) which icecast uses to
> convert to unicode for stats/YP displays. This can be merged if people
> are interested in it.
> karl.



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