[Icecast-dev] playlist module causing machine hangup

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Wed Nov 9 19:04:59 PST 2005

Iceuse - Kris wrote:
> Hello,
> I had a big trouble with ices (ices-2kh60).
> It is reading a playlist file containing "-" to tell "read stdin".
> But I think that when stdin is having problem, then ices become mad. It 
> tries hundreds of time per second to play the playlist file content, 
> generating huge amount of traces, which are rotated, but causing a 
> denial of service on the server which become completly stuck (ftp, ssh, 
> httpd are unable to handle connections).
> (Unfortunatly for me, I started ices from machine startup scripts)

It sounds like you have realtime enabled, and that causes a scheduling 
issue with a busy loop. I'd have to check the stdin input, maybe the 
error detection isn't working right.  Do you just have the 1 input group?


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