[Icecast-dev] Icecast2 Player Protocol

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Mar 28 08:58:12 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 10:46, Greg J. Ogonowski wrote:
> Mike-
> There are some differences in the way the metadata is handled between 
> SHOUTcast and Icecast2.  This, I believe is the primary reason why player 
> developers get SHOUTcast streams to play but not necessarily Icecast2.  VLC 
> and BetaPlayer are perfect examples of this.  I have been doing some 
> testing with BetaPlayer on a Verizon Wirelss CE device, and unfortunately 
> Icecast2 streams misbehave in a bad way, even when burst-on-connect is 
> disabled, yet SHOUTcast streams work fine.

metadata is handled in different ways between relays and source clients
and between codecs.

> As source encoder developers, we are about to look into this ourselves to 
> see what the deal is on the "other" side of things.  If you have any 
> further information, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a repeatable case that shows a problem then by all means
I'll look into it. You'll need to give the details, logs, player effect,
maybe a network capture.


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