[Icecast-dev] Icecast2 Player Protocol

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Mon Mar 28 01:46:34 PST 2005


There are some differences in the way the metadata is handled between 
SHOUTcast and Icecast2.  This, I believe is the primary reason why player 
developers get SHOUTcast streams to play but not necessarily Icecast2.  VLC 
and BetaPlayer are perfect examples of this.  I have been doing some 
testing with BetaPlayer on a Verizon Wirelss CE device, and unfortunately 
Icecast2 streams misbehave in a bad way, even when burst-on-connect is 
disabled, yet SHOUTcast streams work fine.

As source encoder developers, we are about to look into this ourselves to 
see what the deal is on the "other" side of things.  If you have any 
further information, it would be greatly appreciated.


At 15:53 2005-03-23, Michael Smith wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:47:21 -0800, Greg J. Ogonowski <greg at orban.com> wrote:
> > Where can I find the Icecast2 Player protocol?
>Your favourite RFC repository.
>You want RFC 2616. Note that icecast itself doesn't yet implement 100%
>of this protocol (hopefully, support will improve in the future. It's
>not, in practice, a major problem).
>There's also some mp3 metadata crap for shoutcast compatibility, a
>search for "shoutcast metadata protocol' on google finds some
>third-party explanations of this protocol (which must only ever be
>used for mp3!) - the icecast implementation was done from one of

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