[Icecast-dev] Patch to add reconnect(attempts|delay) and maxqueuelenth to IceS doc

Vincent balbinus at bonjourlesmouettes.org
Mon Jul 18 06:43:02 PDT 2005

Oh my. I guess I was hungry... or maybe it's the heat... or maybe I'm
just damn stupid.



Štěpán Brož a écrit :

>Hello Vincent,
>you haven't attached your patch :).
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Index: config.html
--- config.html	(revision 9582)
+++ config.html	(working copy)
@@ -138,6 +138,9 @@
+        reconnectattempts
+        reconnectdelay
+        maxqueuelength
@@ -171,6 +174,26 @@
     By default streams will not be advertised on a YP server unless this is set,
     and only then if the icecast if configured to talk to YP servers.
+   <h4>reconnectattempts</h4>
+   <div class=indentedbox>
+    In case of disconnection from the server (server crash, network failure...),
+	defines the number of times IceS should try to reconnect to the server. If
+	set to -1, IceS will try to reconnect endlessly. If you do this, you should
+	give a large value to reconnectdelay.
+   </div>
+   <h4>reconnectdelay</h4>
+   <div class=indentedbox>
+    Defines the delay between two reconnection attempts, in seconds, in case of
+	disconnection from the server.
+   </div>
+   <h4>maxqueuelength</h4>
+   <div class=indentedbox>
+	Sets how long the internal data queue can be. If the queue length is over
+	this value, IceS will either shut down or flush its queue (drop the data in
+	the queue), and continue. In simpler words, it allows you to control how much
+	data IceS will keep in buffer before deciding it can't send data fast enough
+	to the server.
+   </div>

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