[Icecast-dev] patch for icecast-2.2.0 to add client maxtime

Siegfried Wagner siggi at radiofreaks.org
Mon Jan 17 02:06:01 PST 2005


sorry I forgot to mention:

> Siegfried,
> 	This sounds good, and I will be trying it. I just wondered could this 
> timer be applied per connection or is it global per mount point ( 
> sorry havent had chance to look at the diff yet ).

I tried to add the code so that it also could be defined per mount 
point but I didn't test this out. But of course this makes much more 
sense than just a global definition.
If someone tries this please report.

> 	Also, which maybe something beyond your original idea, there is the 
> per connecion authentication system ( see archives ) and wondered if 
> that could pass back a tag and the timer ?

I don't use this feature and don't know anything about it but I think 
surely one can add such a thing but not me ;-)

> 	Sorry to come at you ... just been looking for this for some time.
> regards,
> Andrew.
> On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Siegfried Wagner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wrote a little patch for the stable version (also works for the svn 
>> version) to add a new configuration parameter called 
>> "client_maxtime".
>> With this you can set a maximum connection time limit for a connected 
>> client so that you can disallow continuous listening.
>> When the listening time exceeds the client connection will 
>> automatically be dropped.
>> By default this feature is disabled (set to 0).

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