[Icecast-dev] development plans

Philip Heron icecast-dev.list at firestorm.cx
Sun Sep 19 14:58:35 PDT 2004

Hiya all,

On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 17:58, j at v2v.cc wrote:
> i would like to call upon all developers of icecast, ices, libshout
> and the other related tools and projects to bring together the work that
> has been done in the last months and to move on.

I'm not one of the Ices developers but I have been working on a
better playlist input module for Ices2. It was originally developed
for a call-holding music system a few months ago, but I've since
expanded it a bit.

If anyone is interested I keep a website with bits and pieces about
it here:


Philip Heron <phil at firestorm dot cx>

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