[Icecast-dev] osx and icecast

brian lorraine nastyjackhb at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 10:30:19 PST 2004

Actually, it turns out that a shoutcast server will not accept an IceS
stream. I had to go digging for 3rd party products.

I found a great one called NiceCast... which is basically just Icecast
that was modified for OSX. It's a very thorough program that acts as
both a server and a client to broadcast to a server... supports
shoutcast, icecast, and live365.

When I get some time, I'd like to brush up on my C skills which I
haven't used in forever (I'm a VB/perl programmer) and take the
Icecast sourcecode and make my own 3rd party product.

Question for you guys. Do you guys think there is much of a market out
there for C programmers that specialize in streaming mp3 audio?

I graduated with a degree in IFSM and I hate what I do, but I think
that';s because I just whip out reports for management. That's about
all my degree is good for. If I could get back into something audio
related such as streaming mp3's.. I think I could be happy once again
as a programmer. I think I just made the mistake halfway through
college... switching from Comp Sci/C to IFSM/VB.

->Brian Lorraine
nastyjackhb at gmail.com

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:21:00 +1000, Geoff Shang <geoff at hitsandpieces.net> wrote:
> brian lorraine wrote:
> > Here's the siutation. Macamp has now gone bunk and I need to broadcast
> > my dj show from my home to a server that has NullSoft shoutcast. The
> > dj's normally use winamp's shoutcast plugin to broadcast to the
> > shoutcast server.
> >
> > Q1) Is ICECAST the program I need to send my signal to another
> > sever... or is it IceS that i'm looking for?
> Ices would be more along the lines of what you want, but ices 0.4 (which is
> the one that does MP3) doesn't handle live input.  I've heard of something
> called nicecast which can apparently do live shows, but I know absolutely
> nothing about it.  If you just want simple line input, you might try
> darkice (darkice.sourceforge.net) but I'm not sure if it compiles under
> osx.
> > Q2) If the answer to Q1 is "IceS", can I send my broadcast to a
> > nullsoft server. I using icecast as a server is supposedly compatibile
> > with winamp/shoutcast clients sending their signal to it... but is the
> > reverse true? Can the shoutcast SERVER take a signal from an icecast
> > client?
> Technically no, since shoutcast and icecast use different protocols.  But
> ices 0.4 supports both protocols, as does darkice.
> Geoff.
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