[Icecast-dev] Relay authentication on kh-57

Mike Whitaker mike at altrion.org
Mon Nov 1 09:13:10 PST 2004

Is something broken here?

I'm trying to do a test of relaying between two servers running kh-57.

Master-slave relaying fails: the connection fails on the master with:
[2004-11-01  17:05:32] DBUG admin/admin_handle_request Got command 
[2004-11-01  17:05:32] INFO admin/admin_handle_request Bad or missing 
password on admin command request (command: streamlist.txt)

As far as I can tell, the master and slave have the correct relay 
password set.

If I switch to per stream relaying, it fails for a different reason, 
namely that the master stream (/live) has been set to require 
authentication (via auth_url.c), and the slave appears not to know how 
to supply this.

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