[icecast-dev] YP submission / cURL issue. (icecast 2.0.1 / gentoo)

©tìpán Bro¾ peacef at wo.cz
Wed May 26 01:20:27 PDT 2004

Hello cpickert,

Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 6:24:36 AM, you wrote:

>   I'm having troubles getting my YP submissions to go up correctly,
> unfortunately there's not much I've been able to find. I'm getting NACK back
> from the yp_add call, I've tried two different versions of cURL/libcURL on my
> gentoo box to see if it was that, no luck. I've also replicated the problem
> onto another gentoo box of mine and the exact same NACK/no request go out. The
> deps/build should be almost identical, however -- as I rsync / recompile my
> systems every 2-3 days. I've also had tcpdump running to see if anything is
> generated, nope. Any existing docs/urls that might help me out would be greatly
> appreciated but this doesn't appear to be standard operating procedure. It does
> run as a 'chroot', would this break things?! What sort of cURL stuff can I test
> to make sure IT works?

>   I've been using the win32 icecast for ages now (which YP stuff works great)
> but am wanting to move to the *nix[linux now via gentoo] variant as I've been
> having troubles where icecast was crashing routinely and would actually
> chain-crash my OddSock->Winamp on the encoder and if Winamp crashed from a
> non-oddsock error, sometimes the icecast sever would crash with it. Terrible
> stuff but I talked with Monty about it at SXSW and have seen that 2.0.1 itself
> was released (by OddSock) to fix crashes related to buffer overflows, but I've
> still experienced the issues.

>   Sorry for the ramble, lot of this stuff on my mind to get into a post.


don't you have a compulsory squid proxy on your network? In that case
icecast can't connect to the YP dir, because it's being blocked. Set
the "http_proxy" environment variable to something like
"proxy.domain.net:port_squid_is_running_on" and see if it helps you.

Stepan "Kato" Broz

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