[icecast-dev] trouble in nullsoft land.

Geoff Shang gshang at pacific.net.au
Sun Mar 7 23:18:06 PST 2004

On Sun, 7 Mar 2004, Dale Ghent wrote:

> What's the purpose of this NSV protocol?

As far as I'm able to tell, and I admit to knowing very little indeed, I
get the impression that it's something like Quicktime or Ogg (ie. a
container format).  Presumably it still uses HTTP(ish) protocols (i.e.
TCP), but who knows.  They reckon it's documented, so I guess you could dig
up more info on it if you wanted to know.  but like Oddsock said, why
bother? We should only hope that Xiph get some (any) version of Theora out
for playing with before Nullsoft Video sees the light of day, or we'll know
where everyone's going to go.

> I'm trying really hard not to get into a soapbox, but why is it that
> the audio streaming community has such a hard-on for so many protocols.

I'm guessing it's because people keep on finding situations that don't meet
their requirements, so they write their own.  Either that, or some people
just want to make a buck, and that of course requires doing something that
at least looks different which you can sell to people.

> This YP who hates that YP
> Poor protocol documentation on almost all of the above.

FWIW, I'm pretty sure the new icecast YP spec is documented somewhere (I
remember reading it), though I'm not sure if it's actually linked to from
anywhere.  Not sure if the icecast2 protocols are documented anywhere
though, apart from the code itself.


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