[icecast-dev] fallback source give up and returns to original source

iceuse at kezako.net iceuse at kezako.net
Tue Jan 20 06:22:13 PST 2004

Main source: http://radio.stalig.com:443/radio-bro-gwened-ori.ogg
reencoded OGG:
reencoded to mp3:
(very bad, but mp3 is here just to have some mp3 in case of the listener is under Mac OS9 or don't have the idea to try an OGG player)
All this is under testing only.

When the main source is switch to the fallback, this should be transparent for all the other sources. So with one fallback, I feed all the sources.
The fallback is completly different in quality than the original source. This is perhaps why oggdec is having trouble. Then perhaps he die, and when the (curl | oggdec | ices2) starts again, the source is absent and it waits for it... I think this is the problem.

Good introduction to a new question:
When a source is down, should we connect new listeners to the fallback source? 

(fallback source for the main source above: http://radio.stalig.com:443/radio-bro-gwened-default.ogg)

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