[icecast-dev] Re: ultra-preliminary C++ wrapper for ogg & vorbis

Ingolf Steinbach Ingolf.Steinbach at jena-optronik.de
Tue Jan 20 00:13:43 PST 2004


you might want to consider the RAII (resource acquisition is
initialization) idiom, e.g.

class stream {

        // instead of init():
        stream(int serialno) {ogg_stream_init(&this->data, serialno);}
        // instead of init():
        ~stream() {ogg_stream_destroy(&this->data);}

        // other member functions

Also, you should make the data members private.
(Except maybe e.g. for class packet, which is rather a struct
than a class and therefore probably should be "struct packet"
to clarify this.)

Kind regards



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