[icecast-dev] icecast 2 auth problem with (old?) ices, MuSe

Mihai RUSU dizzy at roedu.net
Mon Jan 12 08:04:22 PST 2004

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I have recently downloaded icecast 2 (I am an old icecast 1.x user) and 
tried to use it with my ices 0.2.3 (which works on icecast 1) but fails on 
login. Also I have tried with MuSe 0.8.1 and same error too. After some 
digging into the sources I found the problem to be with _check_pass_icy() 
which receives a "strange" pass to compare with, something like this 
"SOURCE <password> /<mountpoint>" and it does strcmp on this with the 
configured pass in icecast.xml which, of course, fails.

Now this either is because of some protocol changes you guys did into 
icecast 2 and im using old version tools , or the calling code of 
_check_pass_icy() should parse a little more the string before feeding it 
up to _check_pass_icy(), in any case I did the following dirty/fast patch 
which works for me(tm):

- --- connection.c        Fri Dec 12 23:18:20 2003
+++ connection.c.mod    Mon Jan 12 17:50:12 2004
@@ -530,12 +530,16 @@
 static int _check_pass_icy(http_parser_t *parser, char *correctpass)
     char *password;
+    int tlen;
     password = httpp_getvar(parser, HTTPP_VAR_ICYPASSWORD);
         return 0;
- -    if (strcmp(password, correctpass))
+    if (strstr(password, "SOURCE ") == password) password += 7;
+    if (strstr(password, correctpass) != password
+       || (password[(tlen = strlen(correctpass))] 
+           && strstr(password + tlen, " /") != password + tlen))
         return 0;
         return 1;

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