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Gilles Dartiguelongue evasdk at free.fr
Thu Feb 19 16:45:55 PST 2004

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Ricardo Galli wrote:

|On Friday 20 February 2004 00:09, Renaud Waldura shaped the electrons to
|>1- this is such a stoopid question I should be ashamed of myself --
|>2- this is a well-known issue that everybody's aware of, it doesn't
|>need further discussion thank you, as it is actively being worked on
|>3- it is meant to be that way and will not change.
|No, if you search old archives (almost two years ago,
|http://breu.bulma.net/?l2480) you will see I've sent patches for server
|buffering (fast start) and other things that were never included.
|You can check the difference with http://mcrg.uib.es:8000/live.ogg which
|run my code realiable for more than a year now.
|The server also had a remote DoS bug, I sent the patch also and it
was not
|included, I did not receive any answer neither, so I just stopped.
It's not a good news. I think that devs should be expected to merge
interesting and documented patches quickly.

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