[Icecast-dev] MySQL/HTTP Auth

andrew at tranceairwaves.com andrew at tranceairwaves.com
Thu Dec 30 16:16:39 PST 2004

> I haven't heard of anyone using mysql for anything directly with
> icecast (people use it for playlist automation systems external to
> icecast, though).

mmm, i thought some of the listener authentication has been looked at with 
this ? ie. listener wants to connect, provides username,passowrd in URL, 
icecast goes and looks in a MySQL database.

Obviously got the wrong end of the stick here, sorry.

>> GET /<definable-string-containting-mountpoint>
>> Authorisation: Basic <blah>
>> Agent: Icecast
>>         Just curious, as it may allow integration some segments of the
>> market.
> It isn't clear what you're trying to ask here. All authentication in
> icecast (except when in backwards-compatibility modes for other
> protocols) in done using HTTP Basic auth.

Okies, very much like my comments above, but instead of Icecast connecting 
to MySQL it makes a HTTP request, with the credentials provided, and gets 
back, say 200 (OK) or 401 or 404, from the remote HTTP server, thus 
letting the user listen or not, or sending back 404 or 401 to the client 

Hope i am being clear here :) ?



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