[icecast-dev] proposal: new library, libicecommon

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Apr 12 04:39:02 PDT 2004

> > library will be kept separately and will be required to be installed BEFORE 
> > icecast is built.  Similar to the dependency on libshout that ices has.
> But I'm not sure about this. There's nothing in those libraries of any
> use to anything but icecast code itself, so I don't see why it should
> be installed on users' systems. It's true that the code is used in a
> couple of different icecast places, but I don't think it's large
> enough to warrant being an additional end-user dependency. As far as I
> can tell this just sacrifices user convenience for developer
> convenience, which IMHO is usually a bad trade.
> I'd vote to merge the modules into one, but otherwise either keep the
> status quo until subversion gets upgraded, or maybe add a checkout
> script. It's a nuisance to check out three things (iceutil, m4, and
> your project) to work on one, but it's not that much of a nuisance,
> and checkout isn't a frequent operation.

Grouping the modules together is not a problem, however I agree with
Brendan here that they should still be linked into icecast and ices
statically both for 'creating less dependency' reasons and for removing
dynamic link and code size overhead for such small little things
(though this might be important for both the sock and thread parts since
those are called frequently).  

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