[icecast-dev] proposal: new library, libicecommon

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Fri Apr 2 20:19:43 PST 2004

with our new move to Subversion, we apparently lost the ability to easily 
link submodules into a single higher-level module (such as icecast)...in 
the old CVS repository, icecast consisted of a handful of modules,

and other modules, which are shared by icecast and ices :
avl  httpp  log  net  thread  timing

in the new Subversion repository, they are still kept as separate modules, 
however, there is currently not a way to "link related modules" so you 
could do a single checkout of "icecast" and have it get the icecast module, 
plus all related sub-modules.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So, as a result, if you currently check out the icecast trunk in the SVN 
repository, you have to manually check out the sub-modules (and you have to 
make sure you do them in the right locations.  A possible solution was to 
include a simple "check out" script which has the dependencies and 
directory requirements embedded in it..

my proposal is that we take all the icecast/ices shared modules (which 
currently consist of AVL, HTTPP, LOG, NET, THREAD, TIMING) and bundle them 
into a single library, which I propose to be called, libicecommon.  This 
library will be kept separately and will be required to be installed BEFORE 
icecast is built.  Similar to the dependency on libshout that ices has.

This would add another library dependency to icecast (currently, we have 
dependencies for libcurl (optional), libxml2, pthread, libogg, and 
libvorbis).  This change would add another library (libicecommon in this 
case) to the dependency list.  This would also have the same implication on 
ices.  I do not believe any other XIPH modules/projects share these modules.

Feedback ?


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