[icecast-dev] Stream metadata settings

Melanie melanie at t-data.com
Sun Nov 30 15:02:54 PST 2003

Well, are you in Germany, streaming through a server located on German 
soil? If you can answer these two question with "yes", then the remainder 
of the paragraph is valid.
It's not our objective to subvert the copyright/IP rights of artists or 
composers. We're doing thins the proper way for our country and need 
Icecast to support that.

Wenn, thankfully I don't have a need to have these things adopted into 
icecast, I have them working on my server and if there is such widespread 
disagreement with what I've done, I'll just keep it as a private patch 

IMHO, a system like Icecast should be made so highly configurable that it 
would fit everyone's needs, but I get the impression that only the needs of 
the principal developers are of interest here. It makes me sad to see this, 
Icecast could be great instead of just being good.


On 2003.11.30 23:38 Mr. Stauf wrote:
> Actually, Sorry guys, I just want to say the below paragraph is
> misrepresenting.
> You can stream music without "paying the piper" without being in copyright
> hell.  And as a long time icecast user/admin/client/server/whatever, that
> below paragraph just makes me really sad to see on this list.
> ...I'll lurk now.
> --Stauf
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