[icecast-dev] Stream metadata settings

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Nov 26 16:42:01 PST 2003

> My newest series of patches provides the following:
> - time limited access to streams

This might be useful, a patch would be welcome. 

> - streams that can be used by souces, but not by listeners, but can be
> fallbacks

This is problematic. What constitutes a 'source' as opposed to a 'listener' 
from the point of view of the protocol? Currently, nothing. 

Sufficiently generalised, this might be acceptable, though (for example, 
configurable bans on sources based on various headers, for this particular 
case you might match on the user-agent header).

How is this implemented in your patches?

> - multilevel fallback and recovery

This is (conceptually, I'm not certain about the actual implementation, I 
haven't looked at it in sufficient detail) an excellent addition. Definately 

> - overrides for any metadata and yp flag in the server's config file

Yes, this fits in well with the <mount> section in the config - per-mountpoint 
configurable overrides. 

> - ability to exclude local ( listeners from the statistics

I'm much less sure about this one. The statistics are meant to be complete. It 
would seem more sensible to post-process your logs to remove things you're 
not interested in. You'll need a stronger justification for this.


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