[icecast-dev] does IceCast & listeners logging

Guillaume Duveau guillaumeduveau at noos.fr
Tue Nov 25 02:24:07 PST 2003

Thanks for your answer Chris.

Nevertheless I just can't see the event you're talking about in my access.log file. I mean the time of the end of listening for each
user and the amount of bytes transfered !

Maybe because I'm just a beginner in IceCast... Could you give me an example of a log file (just a part) that shows this
notification ?

For example on my ShoutCast log tells me :

<11/24/03 at 14:44:32> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 2)[L: 1]{A: WinampMPEG/2.7 mp3PRO/1.0}(P: 0)
<11/24/03 at 14:47:18> [dest:] connection closed (166 seconds) (UID: 2)[L: 0]{Bytes: 523826}(P: 0)

Why on earth isn't it that clear in IceCast ? That's what I need, precise data which tells me exactly when a listeners starts to get
the stream and when it stops !

Well, I suppose I've to take the things as they are...

I don't want ShoutCast but IceCast, I like Ogg Vorbis !

Thanks again...

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