[icecast-dev] does IceCast & listeners logging

iceuse at kezako.net iceuse at kezako.net
Mon Nov 24 11:00:23 PST 2003

yes, I can share, but everything is already shared here: http://webalizer.kezako.net
The full source code of Webalizer is available. I didn't made any change to icecast
to calculate begining and ending of the stream. It is based on icecast logging:
icecast gives for each listener the time of the end of listening, the amount of bytes transfered.
So, with the average bit rate provided in webalizer conf file, I calculate the begining.
It is accurate enough for log analysis purpose, but perhaps not for something else.

I don't think icecast2 logging is not correct. I would say it is doing in a different way.

To extract listeners log, its easy as you have to give the source name in webalizer conf file... that's just a filename comparison in webalizer.

>So all the statistics made by the log parsers meens nothing...
I would say the opposite... it means everything, just need some sorting.
1-a webalizer conf file set up to ignore any .ogg and .mp3 file will produce web statistics for non stream files served by webalizer
2-a webalizer conf file set up to accept only .ogg and .mp3 (what I develpped) will produce stream statistics

no more complicated...

I hope this will help.

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