[icecast-dev] ENSEIRB Group

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Mar 25 02:39:34 PST 2003

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 03:15, PIERRON Florian wrote:
> Hi, here is a group of 8 students from ENSEIRB (FRANCE, Bordeaux)
> and we'll work for 6 weeks on Icecast. We'll try to do several things:
> - make a technical doc.
> - reorganize the source code.
> - administrate icecast via web.
> - make a doc for administration.
> - make a user doc.
> We saw the Vorbisfile documentation on www.xiph.org and we'd like to do the
> same for the icecast technical documentation. So, we want to know how to do
> it.

More documentation would be great - the situation is better than it was, but 
still not ideal, this has been the biggest hole in icecast2 so far.
Generally, the preferred approach for this is using docbook (the vorbisfile 
documentation is all hand-written HTML - it's a pain to maintain/update as a 

> We'd like to reduce the number of dependencies between each thread source
> files. And so we're going to modify the sources.

Not really sure what you mean here. There is excessive interdependency between 
some of the source files (this mostly needs some reorganisation in the header 
files, I think), but "we're going to modify the sources" is a pretty general 

> We're working on administrating icecast via web. We want to do it using
> openSSL.

That'd be great - putting SSL in there would make it possible to use it for 
secure source connections as well. There's a start at a web-accessible admin 
interface (though I haven't done any of the actual front-end HTML for it 
yet), but it's incomplete - and obviously not SSL-accessible at the moment.

There's lots of stuff that an admin interface could do - it'd probably be 
useful to discuss on the main icecast list (rather than just icecast-dev) 
what users want to be able to do with the admin interface - but there's lots 
of basic stuff that is obvious without doing that.

Great news, looking forward to your contributions.


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