[icecast-dev] Extending the logging format?

Blake Watters sbw at ibiblio.org
Thu Jan 30 14:39:59 PST 2003


For the last several months I've been developing a log analysis package targeted at streaming server (primarily icecast/icecast2/quicktime streaming server) to provide very fine-grained per mountpoint statistics, both textual and graphical. All is well and good, except that the composite nature of the logging from icecast prevents me from being able to correct the statistics to account from pre-established connections (opened before the log period currently being analyzed). On busy mountpoints, this can throw the statistics off by as much as 150 connections (!). I've gone round and round with the problem and I've come to the conclusion that the only way to fix this is to alter the logging format coming from icecast. Right now, icecast 1.x logs every sign on/sign off and states how many users are connected total. I'd like to put how many of the total are on the mountpoint the sign on/off occurred on, i.e.:

[120549:Source Thread] Kicking client 207579 [] [Client signed off] [listener], connected for 27 minutes and 57 seconds, 11738317 bytes transfered. 555 clients connected

[120549:Source Thread] Kicking client 207579 from mountpoint-name [] [Client signed off] [listener], connected for 27 minutes and 57 seconds, 11738317 bytes transfered. 312 / 555 clients connected (mountpoint/total)

I can do the patching, that's not my concern. I'm wondering if the patch would be accepted and merged into the icecast tree? This stats package is meant to be GPL'd and used to help all the streaming servers out there, but my audience becomes very limited if I require patching of icecast and greatly ups my burden as I would have to maintain the patch as icecast development proceeds. Any objections to making these changes?


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