[icecast-dev] Fwd: Patch to icecast2

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Fri Jan 17 23:11:36 PST 2003

On Friday 17 January 2003 14:48, Ricardo Galli wrote:
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> Hi Mike,
> 	I think you dealing with the development.
> Almost a year ago I've sent few patches to Jack, several of them are
> already applied to the current version.
> I'm back again, and tested the last version. I noticed it isn't as
> resilient to network congestion as my last patched version (just
> disconnect the ethernet cable of the adsl router for a couple de seconds
> and the connection is lost). My last version (which is at least 11 months
> old) is working very nice at http://www.onamallorca.net:8000/ona.ogg
> (with a very old vorbis lib, I think it's rc2).
> So, if you are interested, I could try to update the changes to the last
> version. Find enclosed the _first_ patch I've sent to jack, some of the
> items are already applied (for example #3) but the rest are "pending".

I've grabbed (after significant adaptation, since it was doing it in the wrong 
place) the TCP_NODELAY stuff and implemented that.

Most of the other stuff is either already done, or is unneccesary (like the 
extra poll() call). 

> I'm very interesting in porting them if you din't find any big (or
> "conceptual") mistake.
> I also like the "prebuffering" feature (which is called "faststart", at
> least by Apple), but Jack was not convinced to include it. What do you
> think?

It's a reasonable idea, but this implementation is insufficient (it interacts 
very badly with, for example, the ogg handler's "predata" sending)

> Regards,
> PS: I can forward to you the remainng 3 patches I've sent last year if you
> want to take a look, they are less intrusive than this, and some parts
> are already included (I am checking the code, line by line... too many
> changes in one year :-)

Yes, patches are always welcome. Of course, I won't always use them :)


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