[icecast-dev] ice-metadata header incomplete?

Colin Snover colin at zetafleet.com
Mon Jan 13 18:09:50 PST 2003

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I'm trying to write a PHP script that communicates with the Icecast2 server
directly to retrieve current song information. Since the documentation for
the ICE/SHOUT protocol is, frankly, pretty much non-existant, I did a search
on Google and eventually came up with this site:

I did some experimenting with this information and my Icecast2 server and,
after a few telnet sessions, determined that those instructions were
incorrect (at least with Icecast servers). I assume that this is due to the
fact that there is no constant bitrate for Ogg Vorbis streams and,
therefore, information on how far apart meta-intervals is not available at
the time the packet is sent out. Should I just buffer the socket until I
find "StreamName=" (hopefully THIS isn't different) or is there a better way
of doing this? (Please say there is, and please don't say it's by doing
'directory' sends to the script, since I really want the titles to be live,
not delayed. This will, however, be my temporary solution, as soon as I
figure out what data THAT sends.)

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Colin Snover
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