[icecast-dev] patch for icecast 1.3.12 (fwd)

P. Naaijkens pieter at internethoofdkantoor.nl
Fri Jan 10 08:11:16 PST 2003


I created a patch for icecast 1.3.12, and I thought you might be 
interested in it. The keywords 'rest' and 'all' in the mount 
authentication file didn't work, but they do now :-)

I also added support for switching uid and gid after startup, so that I 
could easily run a user icecast. I added to keywords to the configuration 
file, namely runas_user and runas_group, and also two command line 

Since I have no experience with automake/autoconf, I haven't added any 
checking if setuid() and setgid() are available, so it probably won't 
compile under Win32.

I hope you find this patch usefull. 
BTW: is icecast still under active development?


Pieter Naaijkens
<pieter at internethoofdkantoor.nl>

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