[icecast-dev] song delimiters

Likai Liu news at likai.net
Wed Feb 12 12:00:22 PST 2003

It is possible to write an external application such that:

mp3src ==> icecast ==> clients
   |          ^
   v          |
  external program ==> SoundExchange reporting requirement

<p>The mp3src would alert the external program of song changes, and the 
program polls stat from icecast server for number of connections.

That way you don't need to hack the server, and you would more likely be 
able to deal with different kinds of servers in terms of parsing their 
statistics output (say, icecast 1.3.12, icecast2, shoutcast).

Now the problem is I don't know if there is any mp3src out there that 
knows how to signal an external program when a song changes. It gets 
even more difficult to determine the exact cue point when you play songs 
from cd players (live encoded mp3 stream) instead of from mp3 files.

 From what I understand about the reporting requirement of SoundExchange 
(please correct me if I'm wrong), the reporting need not be 
scientifically precise. You can calculate the average listeners count 
per minute, and estimate how many listeners would be listening to a 
particular song. For example, if say, a total of 900 listener minutes 
was broadcasted over one hour. Then on average 15 listeners would be 
listening to any given song within that hour. This information can be 
extracted from logs.


Deva Seetharam wrote:

>mp3src ==> icecast ==> clients
>             *
>as shown above, when rebroadcasting streams from mp3 source, how can i
>write code on the server to locate song boundaries? i would like to keep
>track of songs that are broadcasted, number of people listening to it

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