[icecast-dev] Bug with master-slave relaying and SIGHUP

Anthony Best abest at digitalflex.net
Tue Dec 16 16:40:03 PST 2003

I'm using beta-3.

I setup master-slave relay on my slave server, everything works until I 
give a SIGHUP to the process.
The master server starts getting the error:

[2003-12-16  17:06:12] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected
[2003-12-16  17:06:12] DBUG admin/admin_handle_request Got command 
[2003-12-16  17:06:12] INFO admin/admin_handle_request Bad or missing 
password on admin command request (command: streamlist.txt)
[2003-12-16  17:06:12] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source 
logging in
at mountpoint "/"
[2003-12-16  17:06:12] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source (/) 
attempted to login with invalid or missing password

When I kill the icecast server and restart, it works again.

I'm still new to the code, and haven't figured out what is going on yet.


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