[icecast-dev] Ogg response headers

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Dec 4 16:52:11 PST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 18:17, Dave St John wrote:
> Ok i got a few questions
> when a client connects (winamp) what are the incoming headers icecast looks
> for to signify what type(ogg or mp3) of stream the client is requesting?

It does not. When the incoming client request is received, icecast chooses a 
source to send based on the request URI. Icecast sends a Content-Type header 
in response, so the client knows what type of stream it is requesting. Before 
this, the client doesn't actually _know_ what sort of stream it's requesting.

> example
> (for shoutcast winamp sends  icy-metadata:1)

Winamp sends that to mean "I want mp3 inline metadata if you support it", but 
this does not imply anything about the requested stream format.

<p>> so here is my dilema
> example php code
> fwrite($sp,"GET /my_mp3 HTTP/1.0\nUser-Agent:Secret stuff
> alpha\nicy-metadata:1\n\n");//works with winamp when requested via php
> script but
> fwrite($sp,"GET /example.ogg HTTP/1.0\nUser-Agent:Secret stuff alpha\n\n");
> //will not work in winamp when requested via php script

Winamp is buggy - it doesn't read the content-type header returned from the 
server. Instead, it invokes the ogg decoder if (and only if) the requested 
URL ends with ".ogg". If your script ends with ".php" (as it probably does), 
it'll default to the mp3 decoder.


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