[icecast-dev] IPv6 support for Icecast server

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Fri Sep 27 19:08:02 PDT 2002

At 10:15 PM 9/27/02 +0200, you wrote:
>[testing a nonsubscriber sending mail from an IPv6 address but
> with an IPv4 envelope sender, dunno if it will make the list;
> if you don't have IPv6-able mail best keep replies on the list]
>In an old archived message, I read:
>> [...]  However, icecast 2
>> already has IPv6 support in it, just so you know :)
>Which seems to work well, though I have to ask if it is possible
>(or if not possible, then worthwhile) to bind to multiple addresses,
>such as both IPv4 and IPv6, since it doesn't seem to work for me.

This would be worthwhile. Patches are welcome.

>May I ask, what is the state of IPv6 support in the CVS versions
>of `libshout' and `ices'?  I can bind icecast to an IPv6 address
>and connect with `ogg123' to it, but still haven't yet been able
>to get a source into icecast over IPv6 (IPv4 is fine with `ices').

Again, patches welcome. ices2 currently has no hint of ipv6 support,
and I suspect the situation is the same for libshout.

>I've noticed that things like `HAVE_IPV6' and `HAVE_GETIPNODEBYNAME'
>are defined for my FreeBSD build of `icecast' but not for either of
>`libshout' or `ices', and I've added them to the DEFS as a hack.
>Actually, I've just gotten it working, though imperfectly, with a
>number of additional hacks to net/resolver.c, net/sock.c, plus some
>others to sources that shouldn't need it since I DON'T know what
>I'm doing and don't have it quite flawless, but perhaps someone who
>*does* know what to do might be able to do it right (in part, the
>existing getipnodebyname() call fails with IPv4 on my machine)...

Well, if you can make it work properly - send your patches in, please.


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