[icecast-dev] PATCH3: icecast2 hangs on close

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Feb 28 15:44:25 PST 2002

> 	most probably this patch won't be applied either, nevertheless, I inform the 
> problems and my own modifications....

Why wouldn't we apply this patch?  This one is mostly obvious, and we
thank you for catching it.

Some of your other patches change quite big things.  If I accepted every
patch that was sent to me without some research and effort, icecast
would fall into ruin very quickly.

This is not to say that your patches are bad, but that no one is as
familiar with the goals and implementation of icecast as I am.  I want
to make sure to preserve those goals and keep the implementation
consistent and clean.  Sometimes this means that patches take longer to

Patches like this one which fix fairly obvious bugs are easy to apply
and simple to digest.  Patches that add large features like static
streaming (one of the patches in my queue for a while) and source
buffering take me some time.  Patches that fix issues that I haven't
experienced and may have side effects also take some time.

Not everyone here cares about Windows compatability, and so often it is
me that does the testing to make sure patches sent in work fine for the
other platforms too.

Please don't be discouraged.  I'm busy and slow on this front, but I
will try to get better and faster.  I appreciate you sending patches to
the list where they can get some feedback and testing regardless of
whether I've looked that them or commited them yet.


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