[icecast-dev] PATCH3: icecast2 hangs on close

Ricardo Galli gallir at uib.es
Thu Feb 28 15:06:06 PST 2002

Hi again,
        most probably this patch won't be applied either, nevertheless, I inform the 
problems and my own modifications....

Included in the patch (just touches sock.c and sock.h):

- Due to the semantics of the close() function, the server hangs on close() 
if a client just dies (the machine just "dissapear" from the network) and 
there is still data to send in the TCP buffers. This is avoided specifying 
"NO_LINGER" in the socket, which means that the socket will be closed in 

- Added KEEPALIVE to avoid sucky clients.

I've checked icecast1 and squid (both are rock solid) and they include those 
two options. I replicated them...


"I just stopped using Windows and now you tell me to use Mirrors?" 
    - said Aunt Tillie, just before downloading 2.5.3 kernel.

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