[icecast-dev] Second patch again CVS version

Ricardo Galli gallir at uib.es
Sat Feb 23 23:17:57 PST 2002

On 24/02/02 05:02, Jack Moffitt shaped the electrons to say:
> > - The server didn't check for the status of the client's socket before
> > the unblocking send(). This caused a disconnection at a minimun network
> > congestion, causing a broken pipe error (Linux 2.4 behaviour?) in the
> > network. I've just added a poll in sock.c.>
> Can you send me this patch alone?  I still can not tell what you're
> doing, as no one else has reported these kinds of problems.

It the first problem I found when I started to use the server and the reason 
I began to modify it. The patch is sock.diff

> > - Added TCP_NODELAY to a nonblocking socket. It is said that it's improve
> > performance in Linux. TODO: check Win32 compatibility.
> What's it supposed to do in general?  I've had varying success with the
> advanced socket options.

Turn the Nagle algorithm off, so there it doesn't introduce delays (although 
it can generate more messages). Should be tested in severeal conditions.

<p>> > - Solved a bug in source.c, when checking for recoverable error. It has
> > to be done _only_ when result < 0.
> Can I see this patch separate too?

No completely because I moved part of it to the new send_queue() function, 
but basically is:

-                   if (!sock_recoverable(bytes)) {
+                   if (sbytes < 0 && !sock_recoverable(bytes)) {

<p><p><p>> > I was very careful checking connection and memory leaks, the maximum RSS
> > reported by ps is 1288 KB (after running several days).
> Which I assume means you didn't find any :)


"I just stopped using Windows and now you tell me to use Mirrors?" 
    - said Aunt Tillie, just before downloading 2.5.3 kernel.

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