[icecast-dev] Second patch again CVS version

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sat Feb 23 20:02:56 PST 2002

> - Configurable prebuffer, in seconds.
> - prebuffering parameter in configurable in 
> <limits>...<prebuffer>seconds</prebuffer>...

We're in the process of redoing some of this.  We will prebuffer some
etc, so in the end this functionality will be there.  I apologize that
this patch won't get applied for that reason.

> - Created a new function (send_client_queue) to send the client->queue. 
> Better modularisation.

This is a good idea, and one I figured would get done.  I'll take a look
at this closer.

> - The server didn't check for the status of the client's socket before the 
> unblocking send(). This caused a disconnection at a minimun network 
> congestion, causing a broken pipe error (Linux 2.4 behaviour?) in the 
> network. I've just added a poll in sock.c. 

Can you send me this patch alone?  I still can not tell what you're
doing, as no one else has reported these kinds of problems.

> - Added TCP_NODELAY to a nonblocking socket. It is said that it's improve 
> performance in Linux. TODO: check Win32 compatibility.

What's it supposed to do in general?  I've had varying success with the
advanced socket options.

> - Solved a bug in source.c, when checking for recoverable error. It has to 
> be done _only_ when result < 0.

Can I see this patch separate too?

> I was very careful checking connection and memory leaks, the maximum RSS 
> reported by ps is 1288 KB (after running several days).

Which I assume means you didn't find any :)

In normal operation, I think we're fine.  I suspect there may be a few
on the error conditions (ie, you'll se a leak if you do 10000000 bad
header connections or something).  I plan to test this more thoroughly.


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