[icecast-dev] Connecting to yp.shoutcast.com

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Wed Feb 20 23:37:40 PST 2002

Mike hodson <mystica at darktech.org> writes:
> Might I ask -how- precisely they banned all icecast servers.

Perhaps the real question you should ask is..."should" anyone worry
about this at all?

Personally speaking, I've been streaming for quite a while (barring a
few networking problems) and I've always seen the same behavior from
the shoutcast (Nullsoft) people. Namely, they have a history of
repeatedly changing -something- about their protocol so that icecast
cannot list on their servers. Recently, Nullsoft has (finally)
expressed their desire to exclude icecast from their lists.

Political speculation aside, it's quite clear we are not wanted there.
While I sympathize with those hardy engineers who have to implement
according to the hypnotic marketing suggestion that "shoutcast.com is
the place to list", I don't think continuing to get ourselves listed
there is going to be productive at all. It's a game of escalation. 

> Is it in the way a shoutcast server replies, queries, or what? Cos
> if all it needs is a few strings changed, I need to know.. I am
> faced with setting up a shoutcast stream on a ..lovely.. cobalt RaQ
> server with libc5 on a MIPS. The stipulatino is that i need to have
> it announce on shoutcast.com.. Which is a severe problem for me :(

If you want to do this, you'll have to download their server and
configure it on a box they support. Then you'll have to tcpdump the
connections it makes and watch the traffic they send to their YP.
That will give you an idea of what needs to be changed. 
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