[icecast-dev] Some diffs to libshout for MacOSX

Brendan Cully brendan at icecast.org
Fri Feb 8 11:12:04 PST 2002

On Friday, 08 February 2002 at 19:06, Stephen Brandon wrote:
> So, what we've decided to do is to ask you if you could please make a tarball 
> of the ices/libshout package as you have done before, as release 0.2.3, or 
> alternatively to just tag libshout in CVS, and put the tarball on your 
> website as a standalone bundle as you did with the much older version (0.1.0 
> if I remember correctly). [It's only libshout that is required for our work]
> I suppose the latter would be easiest to do - do you think you would be able 
> to make a tarball and put it up on your ftp site, with a link from the 
> icecast web pages, in the next day or two?

I'll get together a new point release of libshout over the weekend.

> PS if possible, it would be great if you could also apply the other MinGW 
> patches I sent the other day!

I think I missed these...

> PPS sorry, I nearly forgot to add - in libshout/shout.h, in the prototype for 
> the shout_strerror() function, you use the word "namespace" as an argument 
> identifier. Some of our users who are using this in C++ projects report that 
> this use of a reserved word causes a compiler error when the header is 
> imported. Could you please also just change this use of the keyword to an 
> alternative? It will of course cause no side effects. Thanks!
> char *shout_strerror(shout_conn_t *self, int error, char *namespace, int 
> maxlen);

yep, will do. I never liked that name anyway :)


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